We are your local doctorate level private practice. All staff psychologists have achieved the highest level of education in the field of psychology.  Clinicians provide services for children, adolescents, and adults. A variety of psychological testing and treatment areas are addressed. Patient’s describe staff as knowledgeable, dedicated, and caring.  We also aim to help children through reading. The Bee Psychologist book series was created to invite children to understand mental health topics through the fun and exciting world of insects. Children are falling in love with Dr. Harmony, Riley Bee, and Henry Grasshopper!

Initial Consultation

A free 15-minute consultation appointment is available to each new patient. At that time, you will briefly discuss your goals for therapy or testing and decide if you would like to begin services.  This is also a chance to ask any questions you may have about therapy or psychological testing in general. Please call 734-335-7709 to schedule your appointment in Michigan. Please call 619-313-6515 to schedule your appointment California.

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